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Know your true innovation capability, Capacity, and Maturity so you can achieve your greatest value. Choose the assessment That is Right for you by checking out the Options below.   

Lenses of Innovation

The Lenses of Innovation framework looks at a set of the most important influences on innovation capability.  Think of it as snapshot that captures your “quick and dirty”  litmus test results for innovation.

Like all assessments, this is just a snapshot in time, but when it is this easy, you can take it again and again with ease.

 I have 5 minutes. Let’s do this!

Table of Innovation Elements

The 4thSI Table of Innovation Elements identifies 29 elements and 5 core groups that correspond to innovation capacity and capability. This is great for a wide range insights and understanding.

Complete in 5 to 25 minutes

There are two levels of assessment related to the 4thSI Table of Innovation Elements. It is up to you how deep you want to go.

I have 5-10 minutes. Let’s go!

I have 25 minutes. Let’s go deeper!

Integrated Innovation System

The 4thSI Integrated Innovation System and Maturity Model are the most comprehensive innovation frameworks available. This approach is what you need to ensure comprehensive value is realized.

Complete in 15 to 90 minutes

There are two levels of assessment related to the 4thSI Integrated Innovation System. Jump in and get the most from innovation.

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I am all in and ready to go all the way!

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