Rick Romero, an 80’s baby like myself, has been in the trucking business for over a decade. His focus is fuel transportation and his travels throughout the inland and Coachella valleys are what fueled the idea for his start-up.  14 years in any industry will teach you a thing or two about the weaknesses and areas for opportunity and growth. While assessing those areas, Rick came up with an idea.

“I’m just a guy with an idea…trying to make it a reality.”

Rick and I spoke at length about the pain points of the trucking industry and his exploration of tech ideas for trucking communication and putting those ideas into action. To better validate his assumptions and ideas, Rick joined our accelerator cohort program, Instantaneous.

“The cohort for me was a reality check. It was a serious look in the mirror at times but also a pat on the back.”

During our 12 week program, Rick was able to work with other members, meet mentors, and work on honing his idea. Pursing entrepreneurship during a pandemic isn’t easy, yet every week Rick was the first member to turn in assignments. His work ethic, he mentions, is from his family; always work hard and strive to succeed is a family legacy ingrained in him since childhood. It is with that legacy that he continued to stay motivated during one of the most challenging years we have ever seen.

While Rick’s start-up is just under a year old he keeps in mind the advice he’s gotten along the way.  Keep pushing, don’t give up, swallow your pride, and ask for help, put ego to the side and be humble are just a few sentiments that have stuck with him.

“I have gotten a lot of advice but I think what helped me the most was pushing past the idea that I may not be good enough or accepted; just pushing past the idea of hearing “no!” really helped me to just keep moving forward. Getting into the cohort really helped me with that too! I didn’t think I was going to get in but I’m so glad I still applied.”

As creatives, inventors, founders, and developers it is imperative that you take our passion and add expertise and knowledge to your repertoire; Rick says that’s exactly what our accelerator, Instantaneous, helped him do.

“The accelerator helped me understand my start-up from the business side. It really helped me explore what my business is, what the problem is, and how I apply my solution to it. The program also helped me better understand my customers, market focus, and projections. It just tied everything together. Being part of something that allowed me to test my ideas and get valuable feedback from people from the City of Ontario as well as other founders. As developers we need that outside influence to show us the way, point us in the right direction and keep us grounded.”

Being a first-generation entrepreneur Rick is motivated to make an impact and we are so honored that he chose us to be part of his progress.  “Every story has a start and this is mine.”  For more information on how you can apply to our incubator and accelerator programs, how you can become a mentor or a guest speaker visit 4thsi.com or contact us at [email protected].