Who we are

Who we are

Fourth Sector Innovations’ purpose to bring the power of innovation and entrepreneurship to for-profit, non-profit and government organizations that can benefit from them the most. Our approach to exploring and realizing meaningful value for you and your stakeholders is built on a comprehensive system architecture, powerful core principles and a robust operations and resource kit for execution. We are here to Accelerate Your Value!
Our mission is to provide a network of safe, engaging and impactful spaces that enhance collective opportunity and advancement through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Meet the team

Kevin Meredith

Founder of 4th Sector Innovations


  • Corporate innovation
  • System & Procedures
  • Start-up mentoring
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Kevin Meredith is driven deep within to push boundaries to expand opportunity. He is obsessed with enhancing expectations of value, innovation, systems thinking and is committed to making the power of innovation and entrepreneurship accessible to those that can benefit from them the most. He hopes he can inspire people along the way to break barriers and achieve their greatest potential. Learn more about Kevin’s background here. 
Most Meaningful 4th Sector Innovations’ values:
  • Create Value Beyond Profit
  • Seek Truth
  • Push The Limits

Brenée Hendrix

Director of Community Outreach & Events


  • Public speaking
  • Event mastermind
  • Human connections
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Brenée Antoinette is a passionate creative with a heart for empowering and encouraging people. She holds a dual Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design and Architecture, a Fashion Business Essentials Certification from Parsons and has been a certified wedding and event planner for over a decade.  
At age 26 after being diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer she founded a 501c3 nonprofit, focused on educating and empowering young and old about the disease. 
Having had an opportunity to empower thousands; speaking and hosting events with American Cancer Society, Cal Poly Pomona, Delta Seta Sigma and Alpha Kappa Alpha sororities, Chaffey College’s She4Me, and dozens of High Schools, Colleges, churches and women’s groups across Southern California, she is bringing her love for empowering others to 4th Sector Innovations!  
Most meaningful 4th Sector Innovations’ values:
  • Care for Others
  • Pursue Pure Authenticity
  • Cultivate Community

Florian Philippe

Chief Brand Officer


  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Technology Integration
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Florian is an entrepreneur passionate about creating. For the last 10 years he has worked in design and marketing, creating new identities for brands around the world. He then created 3ANGLES in Taiwan, with the goal to bridge the gap between the business and design world.
He now focuses on his passion for helping startups focus on creating purposeful innovations.
Most meaningful 4th Sector Innovations’ Values:
  • Create delight
  • Discover Purposes
  • Be Constantly Curious