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"I’m truly excited about the engagement and the presence of a business incubator and accelerator in Ontario. I’m also eager to see the amazing things we are doing through our collaboration to create value to our residents and businesses."

Jiimy Chang

Director of Innovation, Performance Management and Audit,
City of Ontario, California

A complete solution for your community

Our approach is to understand your city's realities, reimagine a compelling vision for the future, and execute a feasible plan to get there.

While we support city's that have their back's against the wall and those that are experiencing tremendous growth the common thread of all our efforts is to work with communities that are far too often overlooked.

We are committed to the communities we partner with. We hire and train local talent. We invest in and we bring our complete dedication as an extension of areas that would significantly benefit from the motivation of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The purpose of our 4th Sector Collectives is to elevate human potential by making the power of ​innovation and entrepreneurship accessible to those who want to create meaningful value.

text about smart city, bringing people from different horizons to work together, bring in technology to improve cities with the help of high-level experts

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Connecting entrepreneurs and offering them the perfect environment to be productive and make meaningful connections

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Interphase Incubator is designed to help start-ups rapidly determine if there is a “there” there and build confidence to commit to pursuing taking their business idea to the next level.

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The goal of our accelerator program is to help commerce & logistic startups commercialize their product or service and refine how they deliver their promises to their stakeholders

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Every Sip Matter! Prospour’s mission is to deliver a delightful experience by creating the perfect environment for connections and delectable food and beverages. Furthermore, a percentage of every sale is going into an innovation & entrepreneurship fund for the local community

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Case study: Ontario, California

We are proud to share the growth and value we have already been successful in bringing to the Inland Empire through our programs.

Through our commerce and logistic tech startup cohorts, we have been able to give local companies access to premiere curriculum and mentorship that has propelled them one step closer to success. Our proven methodology has been cultivated for over a decade.

The 4th Sector Ontario location is over 10,000 square feet of creative and collaborative space for the whole community to enjoy. During times such as this, when each day brings new challenges, it also brings new opportunities for growth and development.



Transforming communities

from the inside out

It is our belief that a city’s downtown is the center and heart of activities and economic growth and sustainability

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Smart City Deployment

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Grant Writing

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Where does your city excel?

We believe every city has strengths that make it special. We work with you to cultivate your empower your industries and help them radiate globally.

Commerce & Logistics

Ontario, California

Commerce & Logistics

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By utilizing unused spaces already within the community we can help you maximize the benefits your city has to offer. Take the resources your community currently has and invest in improving and building your town. If your community is in need of revitalization we would love to work with you.  

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

- Abraham Lincoln