About Us

Our Purpose

Our purpose is bold yet humble. It is defined by where we are going, why we are compelled to get there, the manner in which we will get there, and our rallying cry to keep us motivated. It extends beyond the reach of prevailing paradigms to help us, and those we care about, be their best. It supports a future defined by unimaginable understanding, connectivity, and prosperity.

Our Commitment

We’ve got your back. We will never compromise ourselves nor the individuals, organizations, and communities that depend on us to drive access, equality, opportunity, and progress. There is too much at stake for us to ever stop pushing beyond the comfort of our collective limits.

“Some of the most pressing challenges we face will require substantially more from innovation then we are getting today.”

“We need to equip more innovators and entrepreneurs with the tools and fortitude to elevate us all.”

“The real job to be done by innovators and entrepreneurs is to broker value between reality and the future.”

Our Story

4th Sector Innovations was founded within The WESEE Collective in 2015 when one of our key founder’s left corporate innovation and venturing leadership roles at one of the world’s most recognized companies to pursue the opportunity to test accumulated innovation and entrepreneurship insights in the “real world.”

Since that time, we have continued to grow our portfolio of service offerings across all sectors of the economy (for-profit, government, non-profit). Our emphasis, and our namesake, is derived from our focus on the 4th Sector of the economy, where the three traditional sectors of the economy unite to achieve more than any one of them can alone (or worse – work against each other).

 The two major business units of 4th Sector Innovations are 4th Sector Advisors and 4th Sector Collectives. The common thread connecting our businesses, and the core of our most significant contribution towards innovation as a discipline, is the 4th Sector Innovations’ Integrated Innovation System; a comprehensive approach to creating more value with innovation. 


The 4th Sector of the Economy

The fourth sector of the economy is a transformational approach to integrating the traditional three (for-profit, government, and non-profit) segments of the economy to realize benefits that are more robust and sustaining than any single segment can achieve alone.

We were at an economic development conference in Los Angeles, California when we first heard about the fourth sector of the economy. It instantly resonated with us and became clear that our innovation work had to be focused in support of this emerging paradigm. We built 4th Sector Innovations from the ground up to do so.  

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